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How do we solve the problems?

Renergia has the answer

  1. The first app that gives you the power to cut off your energy bill and save money;
  2. It aims to be a catalyst in the energy transition process of consumers in Romania and later in Europe;
  3. It uses statistical, probabilistic and unique AI algorithms.

Final goal: The user is guided towards sustainable behaviours

How it works?

Explore our team

Creative Team

Dacian I. Jurj

(Dr. Eng.) Co-Founder / COO

Alexandru Mureșan

(Dr. Eng.) Co-Founder / CEO

Dan D. Micu

(Dr. Eng. Mat. Prof.) Research Director

Andrei Ceclan

(Lect. Dr. Eng.) Growth Manager

Radu Dudău

(Dr. Eng.) Energy Expert

Levente Czumbil

(Lect. Dr. Eng.) Co-Founder / Energy Expert

Alexandru G. Berciu

(Assist. Prof. Drd. Eng.) AI Coordinator

Diana Morcan

EU Funds Expert

Cristian Dascălu

Private Funding Expert

Mircea Lăncrănjan

(Drd. Ing.) Data Scientist

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