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How do we solve the problems?

Renergia has the answer

  1. The first app that gives you the power to cut off your energy bill and save money;
  2. It aims to be a catalyst in the energy transition process of consumers in Romania and later in Europe;
  3. It uses statistical, probabilistic and unique AI algorithms.

Final goal: The user is guided towards sustainable behaviours

How it works?

Explore our team

Creative Team

Dacian Jurj

Dacian I. Jurj

(Dr. Eng.) Co-Founder / COO

Alex Muresan

Alexandru Muresan

(Dr. Eng.) Co-Founder / CEO

Dan Micu

Dan D. Micu

(Dr. Eng. Mat. Prof.) Research Director

Andrei Ceclan

Andrei Ceclan

(Lect. Dr. Eng.) Strategic Partner

Levente Czumbil

(Lect. Dr. Eng.) Experienced researcher

Alexandru G. Berciu

(Research Assist. Drd. Eng.) AI Enthusiast

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